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  • What is K10 Football Analysis CV?

    K10 Football is a analysis platform that provides help to talented grassroots football players and coaches in finding opportunities to play and coach in a football club and facilitates the process for licensed intermediaries and football scouts to find the best talents.

  • Who can use it?

    Football players and coaches, football scouts, academies and intermediaries.

  • How do I become a K10 Football member?

    Too easy! Make your registration and choose a plan that fits your profile: Player, Coach, Football Scout, Intermediate or Football Academy.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our platform gives free access to an Analysis CV model. To create your own CV and upload it on our platform (which offers access to intermediaries and football scouts), there is a fee.

  • What are the future plans for K10 Football?

    We want to standardise services on the grassroots football academies, allowing players to have their performance reports and materials for analysis permanently, keeping them always up date for intermediaries and clubs. Players and football coaches from all over the world will have the chance of being discovered and hired by clubs in America, Europe and Asia. We aim to soon become the largest virtual showcase of grassroots players in the world.

  • What is the mission of K10 Football?

    Help talented grassroots football players and coaches to get opportunities in a football club, and make it easier for licensed intermediaries and football scouts to find the best football talents.

  • What is the purpose of K10 Football?

    We believe that every football player and professional in the field should be judged fairly. Say no to prejudice and favouritism!

  • What are the values of K10 Football?

    1) Helping players to be discovered, first.
    2) Wishing the success of users and members, more than their own success.
    3) Passion for sport and sport competition.
    4) Inspiring athletes to pursue their dreams.
    4) Inspiring athletes to pursue their dreams.
    6) Pioneering in the segment.
    7) Innovation and constant improvements in processes.
    8) Have humility, discipline and fair-play spirit.

  • And what problems does K10 Football seeks to resolve?

    Recent research indicates that just in Brazil, the rate of promising athletes aged 10 to 21 years who give up on the dream of becoming a professional can reach up to 96%.

    The 3 main reasons:
    - lack of investments or structure;
    - lack of support from parents or guardians;
    - lack of opportunity to be seen, found and discovered!

    Resolving the first two reasons does not depend exclusively on the private sector but we can support players that suffer from the lack of opportunity to be discovered. That is where the K10 Football CV analysis appears. In addition, we solve other evident problems in the sports market:
    FOR PLAYERS/COACHES: being discovered by clubs or intermediaries is a difficult, selective and political process. We make it a lot easier.
    FOR CLUBS: there is no efficient and economical way to search for and discover talent on a large scale.
    FOR THE MARKET: rejection or abandonment of promising talents directly unbalances the technical quality of teams and sports competition as a whole.
    FOR SOCIETY: discover athletes, regardless of age, sex, race, social class and specific sports skills, whether they are in large urban centres or in small and distant places.

  • How will society benefit from K10 Football?

    K10 Football technology support players from grassroots to the professional level, regardless of age, gender, race, social class, and whether they are in a large urban centre or in a small and distant village. With our platform, football clubs will have the same chance to find and reveal the great talents of football, helping to provide balance in football competition.

  • What does the company want to convey?

    We believe that every player and football coach CAN become a professional and that every club and intermediate ARE in constant search for promising talents. K10 Football emerges as an innovative methodology in the football segment, offering the opportunity to grassroots players and football coaches to showcase their talent to football clubs, academies and intermediaries, and filling the gap which causes thousands of once promising players to give up the dream of becoming a professional.

  • How does the involvement of parents and legal guardians of underage players on the K10 platform work?

    It is mandatory to all youth players (those under 18 years old) to provide information about parents or legal guardians, who will be then informed that their “son, daughter or minor of their responsibility” has made a registration on our platform. Parents of underage players may also contact the K10 FOOTBALL team to make sure that the club or intermediary that they are contacting exists and is licensed. We aim to help our sports community to develop technology that is increasingly efficient in its purpose but also safe for our athletes: please report any situation that is suspicious or that could put children's integrity at risk, helping us to prevent these situations.

    K10 FOOTBALL is synonymous with democratisation, diversity, inclusion and opportunity in football, but above all safety and reliability to help young football talents to reach their dreams.


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