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Welcome to K10 Football Analysis CV!

K10 Football is a analysis platform that provides help to talented grassroots football players and coaches in finding opportunities to play and coach in football clubs and facilitates the process for licensed intermediaries and football scouts to find the best talents.

We work daily to look for future talents in football!

Watch the video and understand how K10 Football can transform your life in the football business!!


Your success in your football career is our biggest goal!

Competitiveness in life and sport is fierce, and with each new generation the world presents us with new idols and new young players who dream to become the future football stars.

However, research shows that the rate of promising athletes aged 10 to 20 who give up on the dream of becoming professionals can reach up to 96%. The main reasons: the lack of opportunity to be seen, found, discovered! It is with the mission of reversing this reality that we create the K10 FOOTBALL!


The K10 FOOTBALL emerged from the experience of the Founder Edegelson Ricci, a former athlete who in 2003 had to abandon his dream of becoming a professional player as he did not have the opportunity to be discovered; later, working as an intermediary, he also witnessed personally how hard it was for intermediaries and football scouts to be in direct contact with players and coaches looking for new opportunities.

We are all football lovers who have explored the K10 FOOTBALL concept as a democratic way to innovate the global market and who work daily to develop a technology capable of helping talented grassroots athletes to make dreams come true.

Edegelson Ricci

K10 Football Support Team

Josef Kokrda

K10 Football Support Team

Piotr Zoladek

K10 Football Support Team

Thiago Borella

K10 Football Support Team


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